I like to think of our bodies as being like cake.

Mine is a bit like black forest,

but with a layer of luscious raspberry mousse,

drizzled with dark chocolate ganache

and topped with big, plump, juicy raspberries and cherries.

Oooh, I’m getting hungry!

What on earth am I talking about?

Well, think about it, to make a beautiful cake, you need to have good quality ingredients,

in the right amounts, lovingly combined with perfect technique

and baked at just the right temperature.

Our bodies are pretty similar.

We too need good quality ingredients in just the right amounts,

but we call it food ~ and the technique is our lifestyle.

Have you ever baked a cake and left out the eggs

only to find it heavy and dense.

Or perhaps used salt in place of sugar like I did once?

Okay, I’ve actually done it twice - you’d think I’d learn the first time!

It looked perfect, smelled divine, but oh my goodness,

it tasted disgusting!

When we leave out the necessary “ingredients” or swap them for something not quite right,

we might still look okay on the outside, but start to feel a bit off on the inside.

A bit like those blueberry puddings with the salt!

Other times, the cracks start to show on the outside too,

like when you forget the eggs in your batter ~ it might be bad skin or dull hair.

When our technique or lifestyle isn’t quite right, the cracks can start to show too,

often as excess weight, headaches or anxiety,

just like when the icing slides off because you didn’t let the cake cool enough.

Cindy Lee Kennedy

As the bestselling author of "Help! My Child Has Hashimoto's", a Nutritional Medicine Practitioner (does that make it wrong that I'm so obsessed with cake) and obvious mega-foodie, I love helping women like you tweak the recipes of their lives to bake the perfect feast. We fine tune your ingredients to make sure your body is receiving the nutrients needed for your personal recipe to a healthy and fulfilling life. With a special interest in autoimmune and thyroid disease, creating and sharing delicious and satisfying gluten-free, dairy-free and soy-free recipes is how I get my kicks!

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