Are You Drowning in Overwhelm?

By Cindy Kennedy | Hashimoto's Articles

chronic illness overwhelm

Ever feel like you are drowning in everything you have to do?

Sometimes caring for a child with a chronic illness (or even yourself for that matter) can feel like a full time job. The amount of paperwork that you have to deal with, and things you have to remember to do is insane! Pathology requests, specialist referrals, medical reports, doctor’s certificates, medications, supplements and so on. You know what I’m talking about!

I used to find it really difficult to keep track of everything.

I had bits and pieces of paper all over the house.

Pathology requests stuck to the fridge with magnets, appointment slips lost in the depths of my handbag, and god forbid should one doctor ask for the contact details of another!!

Things had to change.

I had to get organised! Over the next couple of posts, I am going to share with you how I now manage to keep on top of it all, and not feel like I’m drowning. I’m going to share with you my system.

I thought I’d start with medications because they are by far and away the most important.

It is essential that they be taken at the right time of day, before, with or after food as required, and away from other medications or supplements that they interact with. It can very quickly become overwhelming.

Thyroxine can’t be taken within 2-4 hours of calcium or iron, and should be taken on an empty stomach. B vitamins can make you nauseas, so they need to be taken after meals. Magnesium, calcium and zinc are all sedative, so are best taken at night, whereas CoQ10 and B vitamins give you an energy boost so are best taken in the morning. Did you know that vitamin B6 can even give you crazy dreams if you take it too late in the day?

We have found that the simplest way to keep on top of it all (especially when several people in the family are taking different doses of the same medications on different days), is with a simple chart. Depending on how many prescription and over-the-counter medications you take in addition to supplements, it may be easier to have them all on one chart, or to keep them separate.

Each person has their own chart.

That way we can see at a glance who needs to take what and when.

You can stick them on the fridge where it acts as a reminder, or keep them in a folder where you store your medications and supplements.

I also keep a copy in each of the girl’s medical folders (which I’ll tell you about in a later post) that lists all the details of the brand, strength, dosage and frequency of each medication and supplement. That way, whenever they see a doctor or natural medicine practitioner, I can quickly and easily show them exactly what is being taken.

It’s imperative they know what other practitioners have prescribed so that they can be sure that nothing is contraindicated in order to prevent adverse reactions.

Another benefit with listing the name and brand of supplements is it allows the practitioner to know which particular form of each nutrient is being taken.

I have 2 charts for each person.

The one that I keep in their medical folder lists all the important information for each drug and supplement. Brand names, strengths, dose etc. You could even include who prescribed it if you wanted to.

Then I have a second chart which we keep on the fridge. It shows what to take when and is divided up by meal times. I can easily see at a glance what needs to be taken before a meal for example, or a reminder to give a dose before bed.

With my husband, all of his medications and supplements are in tablet & capsule form, so I just use one of the tablet holders that you buy at the chemist with the days of the week on them. It’s much simpler!!!

So that’s the easy part.

If you have kids, then you know how much of a struggle it can be to get them to take their medications every…single…day! Some days they are fantastic, and take them without so much as a second glance, other days it’s a battle royale! Especially in the beginning!

So stay tuned, and in the next post, I’ll give you my secrets for getting my kids to take all of their medications and supplements every day without too much fuss (mostly).


About the Author

Cindy Kennedy is a Nutritional Medicine Practitioner & Clinical Herbalist who lives and breathes Hashimoto’s on a personal and professional level. Her true passion lies in turning gluten and dairy-free living from a restricted diet into a delicious and abundant family-friendly lifestyle.