Get your head around gluten & dairy free living. 

Make it easy & affordable so you're no longer a slave to the kitchen!

Want a 3 night meal plan of fuss-free gluten-free dinners,

with recipes,

that aren’t all kale and quinoa, won't break the bank,

make the kids riot, or chain you to the stove?

Cindy Lee Kennedy

I’m Cindy Kennedy, a Nutritional Medicine Practitioner, Mum, and self-confessed food lover. I’m here to show you how deliciously simple gluten and dairy-free living can be.

It’s easy...

It's affordable...

And it tastes ah-maze-ing!

Because let’s face it,

who wants to live on

spinach and spirulina?

gluten free, dairy free

No wonder the kids refuse everything you dish up!

Kale is so 2016, and my kids won’t touch it with a 10 foot pole either!

It’s time to turn gluten-free

into family friendly !

Unlike other Nutritionists,

I don’t use bizarre, never heard of before ingredients.

gluten free, dairy free

My recipes are family tested and kid approved.

Made with real ingredients you can pronounce,

available at your local supermarket,

even if you live out in the sticks!

gluten free, dairy free

And chocolate.

Did I mention chocolate?

I have so many yummy gluten AND dairy free ways with chocolate, it’s ridiculous!

Yep, I’m a Nutritionist

and I am going to show you healthy ways to incorporate chocolate into your breakfast!

dairy free chocolate, dairy-free chocolate

Are you drooling yet?

Hungry for more?

Yes I am!

I hate trying to think of something new

for dinner every night!

Stop eating food you hate!


Grab your 3 night meal plan of fuss-free gluten-free dinners


Win your family back

with these super yummy meals

that you can whip up in under half an hour,

so you can kick back, relax

and reclaim your evenings.

gluten free recipes

Stop eating gluten-free food that tastes worse than the

cardboard package it came in.

gluten free meals

It’s time to treat your taste buds to real food,

full of flavour and vitality.

quick gluten free

Make meal preparation times quick and easy,

so that you can even get the kids involved

(so long as they promise not to make too much mess!!!)

Imagine how relaxing it will be, when you kick back with your feet up, not having to think about what to cook for the starving hoardes at your house...

for the next 3 nights!

I want to relax!

I want my evenings back.

I want to cook dinners that my kids will eat...

I want dinner-time to be stress-free and easy again!